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March 2014 Skateboard Blog Post

Ollie Pop Retro Skateboarding game arrives for iOS and Android from 4DX Media Ollie Pop Retro Skateboarding Recently released app, Ollie Pop Retro Skateboarding takes an 8-bit skater and drops him into a Retina environment for a mash-up of retro and modern styles. 4DX Media created this free game for both iOS and Android. It's an infinite game in which you ollie till you drop, but you'll discover it's harder than it looks.

You have to ollie past various obstacles, but the power of your pop comes from holding your finger on the screen. Letting go starts your ollie. Getting the timing right to avoid touching any obstacles is easier said than done. Flappy Bird started a trend of easy-play high-difficulty games. Ollie Pop Retro Skateboarding fits that mold.

Give it a try - if nothing else it will help you kill time with an 8-bit skate theme. Gotta like that!

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