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Fryza wants to Kickstart skateboarding with 8bit flair and a good deal of carnage If you ever played games like Skate or Die on the Nintendo NES, then you will want to check out the Kickstarter campaign for Retro Skate.

Retro Skate by Fryza Fryza is the development company seeking funding for this kick ass retro inspired game. They bill themselves as a mobile dev company, but Retro Skate is to appear on several platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Linux, Mac, & Ouya. They describe the game as a mix of Double Dragon, Extreme Skateboarding, and 8-Bit graphics. Sounds good to us! What's not to like?

We're looking forward to playing the Android version when we're away from the Ouya. Retro Skate is slated to release right around the time Ouya shakes up the console world. It's going to be an exciting time in gaming and Fryza's retro inspired skateboarding game is going to fit in perfectly!

Retro Skate by Fryza Here's an interview with Jason Brewer from Fryza talking about their upcoming game, Retro Skate.

Check out this vid for some behind-the-scenes info on who Fryza is and why they want to publish Retro Skate.

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