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February 2012 Skateboard Blog Post

Madrid Skateboards gets hardcore about Breast Cancer awareness by going from boobies to tits Topless shoe clerk We've all seen the "Boobies" wristbands for breast cancer awareness. That coy notion of drawing additional interest by getting a tad sexual seems to have opened people's eyes and brought awareness and funding into stronger focus among more people. Topless shoe clerk

It would seem that the game is being stepped up to reenforce the prevalence of breast cancer, and the need for more research, with a more potent and catchy slogan: Save The Tits. How can you not stop and take notice? Everyone wants to save tits!

Madrid Skateboards is donating a portion of the profits from their 2012 Pink Ribbon Collaboration boards to breast cancer research. It's cool to see so many different groups coming together to rally around this cause. Skaters have always been creative, connected and determined.

Awareness is a powerful tool. The more people you have focused on your goal, even if it seems insurmountable, the more likely you are to succeed. It doesn't take much to get most people excited about tits, but its another thing to get funding for research. More voices equals more power!

Every voice can help and no effort is too small. Many small groups are linking up to do big things. Curing breast cancer is huge and takes commitment from as many folks as possible. Buy a Save the Tits board from Madrid and help support the cause. Ride hard - Save the tits!! Topless shoe clerk

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