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Snowboard DVD Review:People

People DVD snowboarding skateboarding video DVD review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Pierre Minhondo & Justin Elles
Studio: Mack Dawg Productions
Released: 2006
Rating: 4 Stars

Jon Kooley, Justin Hebbel, Nima Jalali, Jordan Mendenhall, Curtis Woodman, Mitch Nelson, Bryan Fox, Etienne Gilbert, Robbie Sell, Stephen Duke, Pat McCarthy, Shaun McKay, Josh Mills, Marius Otterstad, Jussi Tarvainen, and Ryan Thompson.

Just when you thought compilation DVDs were relegated to the likes of pornography, Mack Dawg's People DVD features a collaboration of riders and filmers from Mack Dawg, KidsKnow and Neoporoto. Ok, so it isn't really like a "best-of" porno flick. Instead, you get a wealth of riders and filmers to add to the diversity.

People is an amazing movie that is a bit more artsy than your standard snowboard flick, but with awesome snowboarding. Too often snowboard vids seem to follow skateboarding and we sometimes wonder if snowboarding ever happens on a snow-covered mountain. Rest easy - it does. Without the barrage of handrails and assorted jibs, we see riders taking to frosty hills and doing what they do best - soaring high.

That's a pleasant change as my skin crawls every time I see someone grinding the base of their board across a barren parking lot. Sure they may have just hit a handrail with the grace of an acrobat, but snowboard -vs- pavement is an ugly thing to watch (for those of us who have to pay for boards). There's a reason they're called SNOWboards.

Kick your feet up and enjoy snowboarding for what it is, filmed by one of the best.

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