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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Hotwax's Shred The Gnar

Hotwax's Shred The Gnar - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2007
Rating: 4 Stars

Tom Asta, Chachi, Teemo, Justin Berry, Pomp, Ian Berry, Jeremy Wieland, Dan Hornung and Kyle Frederick.
Cameos: Jamie Thomas, Pete Eldrige, Tommy Sandoval, John McGuire, David McSween, Greg Robinson and Jay Thorpe.

Hot Wax's Shred the Gnar DVD is their second video. Comprised of Pennsylvania's locals, a full part from Chris Cole and a cool friends montage, this video packs a lot into 30 minutes. This is MY kind of skate flick. Tons of great skating, new spots (not all that blown out crap seen in every vid) and good behind the scenes footy that shows more of the human side of the riders. I get tired of skaters being shown as nothing but skaters. I dig seeing them in their own "element".

Shred the Gnar opens with a few brutal slams - always a good reminder that perfection in videos is a trick of post-production. Everyone skates like a pro when you edit out all the bails! Ok, not everyone. Set to a cool rock & roll soundtrack - Kyle Frederick skates to Ted Nugent's Cat Scratch Fever - Hotwax treats us to a kick-ass awakening of the senses.

Antics abound as we see these guys are all about fun and hardcore skateboarding. There's a very well done friends part as well as a phenomenon called "house skating". You gotta respect anyone who brings plywood inside to get a roll-up for grinding a coffee table in the living room. This isn't as much a phenomenon as much as a sorely lacking element in most skate vids. Its about fun, folks. Get over your woes and skate like a madman.

Rounded out by some cameos from Zero, Mystery and Fallen, Shred the Gnar is a good time. Buy it and leave it in your DVD player. When skating hits a lull for you... push play. This flick will get you stoked to fire up a session with your friends.

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