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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:NSI's Savannah Slamma III

Savannah Slamma III DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Gerard Ravel
Released: 1989
Rating: 3 Stars

Jesse Martinez, Ben Schroeder, Rodney Cassell, Pat Ngoho, Doug Smith, Mark Partain, Blaze Blouin,Steve Caballero, Tom Knox, Natas Kauas, Bill Danforth, Jeff Kendall, Reese Simpson, Tommy Guerrero, Scott Oster, Lester Kasai, Danny Way, Steve Saiz, Eric Dressen, Christian Hosoi, Tony Hawk, Don Brown, Pierre Senisergues, Per Welinder, Rodney Mullen.

Long before the Tampa AM and Pro contests and a little ways north was Savannah, Georgia - home to the Savannah Slamma series of contests. This was one of the first contests I'd heard of during my late-80's resurgence into skating.

Although dated by today's standards, this is a fun glimpse into the contests of skateboarding's past. 72 pros show up to vie for a top-ten position in a single run showdown. With an indoor arena style course and an outdoor freestyle area, Savannah Slamma catered to most of skateboarding's elite. The indoor street course had the usual array of ramps and the obligatory car surrounded by quarter pipes. Something about the 80's brought out a fierce need to grind an entire car.

When you see the ramps inside and the small cordoned off area outside for the freestylers, it was pretty obvious they were not the favored performers. Hosoi's big airs beat spinning flippy tricks when it comes to spectator dollars. Despite this Rodney Mullen does some amazing things on a skateboard which enabled him to win the freestyle portion of the event.

Inside it was the likes of Hosoi, Hawk and Way who prevailed. In fact, Hosoi won the contest with an amazing run. He got a lot of air considering there was no half pipe. The top 5 winners were:

  1. Christian Hosoi
  2. Tony Hawk
  3. Danny Way
  4. Lester Kasai
  5. Tommy Guerrero

This was a breakout moment for Way as he didn't expect to place. Look at him now... all mega-rampy and Great Wall jumping. It's fun to see him as a little kid.

If you survived the drug-laden coke-fest of the 80's and want to relive some of it's skateboard glory, Native Son International has some great DVDs to feed your need.

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