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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:NSI's Ohio Skateout

NSI's Ohio Skateout - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: Native Son International (NSI)
Released: 1988
Rating: 3 Stars

Tommy Guerrero, Christian Hosoi, Bill Danforth, Bill Tocco, Kele Rosecrans, Mark Gonzales, Billy Ruff, Scott Oster, Rob Roskopp, Tony Hawk, Mark Rogowski, Reese Simpson, Mike McGill, Johnee Kop, Jef Hartsel, Neal Blender.

Witness 57 of the World's Top Pros on the hottest street course ever, as they battle Head-to-Head for $6,500.00 in cash. Shot Live at Hara Arena in Dayton, OH by Native Son International (NSI).

Remember when skate contests were fun? Yeah, back in the late 80's - when skateboarding was for fun. There was room for profit, but it wasn't all about the money. Fans were stoked about seeing the pros tear it up. Unlike today where most folks at demos are after signatures and free stuff. Oh yeah, many of today's attendees don't even skate!

You may be wondering what a Skateout is. I was too, although I'm not sure I understand it any better now. Rather than having everyone go through rounds to determine places and rank, they seem to have a tiered approach where the pros compete against each other in multiple rounds.

They don't focus on the early rounds, but we get a good look at the finals. Skate filming has come a long way - photography too. Most of the photographers were standing in the middle of the course and kinda clueless as to what was happening and how to get out of the way. The announcer was constantly telling them to avoid the skater's path. WTF?

Much of the filming (even once edited) is from a single point on each run. I guess they didn't have too many cameras to keep close on the entire course. So it gets a little frustrating when someone pulls a cool trick (you hear the crowd roar) behind an obstacle. If you're used to todays quick "Mtv" style filming with quick cuts all over, Ohio Skateout might get a little annoying. but, just enjoy it for what it is - a cool look into skating's past.

Ohio Skateout teams with old-school flavor. Shot live at an indoor arena, it'll take you back to a time in skateboarding's history that's worth remembering. For instance, punk rock was the primary backdrop to all the runs. When was the last time you saw a skate part with Black Flag cranked in the background? And don't get me started about sk8-fashion at the time. Classic stuff that made that era larger than life.

In addition to TW Skateboarding Mag, the contest was sponsored by COW Skates and Gotcha. Classic stuff that will bring back memories... unless you're too young.

The real value in this sort of DVD is historical - checking out pros in a time gone by and seeing how contests worked back then and the type of skating that was considered top-notch.

Random Stuff

During one of Tommy Guerrero's runs his board got stuck in between the slats on a bench. He tried for several minutes to work it loose - no dice. Bill Danforth pushes mongo during his qualifying run. Tony Hawk's board goes for a swim in the small pool embedded in the top of a fun-box. Oops.

In the end, Tommy Guerrero walked away with $3,000 and First Place.

Ohio Skateout's Soundtrack

The Bottom Line

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