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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Gravity Games - Summer Two

Gravity Games - Summer Two DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: Trinark
Released: 2000
Rating: 4 Stars

Bob Burnquist, Andy MacDonald, Bucky Lasek, Eric Koston, Colin Mckay, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Lincoln Ueda, Rob Dyrdek, Chad Fernandez, Mike Frazier, Willy Santos, Brian Anderson, Carey Hart, Brian Deegan, Kenny Bartram, Mike Metzger, Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Dave Osato, T.J. Lavin, Mat Hoffman and more...

Consisting of nine days in Providence, Rhode Island, The Gravity Games is an all out expo of extreme sports, including many omitted from the ever popular X-games. This DVD brings you coverage of all the events - Freestyle Motocross, Skateboarding Vert, Street Skateboarding, Downhill Skateboarding, Street Luge, Bike Vert & Dirt, Inline Street, Inline Vert, and Wakeboarding - plus special features, with music and commentary. 244 minutes.

But first let's inject a short history lesson. Not of the scholastic variety and not a primer on extreme sports, but rather an old guy's look at DVD technology. The folks who pressed this disc did so as a 2-sided disc. Of course all discs have 2 sides, but did you know they can both contain movie info? I bought my first DVD player two weeks before ANY titles had been released to stores. For those 2 weeks I had an exceedingly expensive CD player on my hands. When movies first arrived in stores, they didn't have labels on the discs themselves. Instead, they put the full-screen version on one side and the wide-screen version on the other. Cool, eh?

This DVD has movie content on both sides of the disc. Just thought I'd inject a little back-story on that facet. So, side A contains Motocross and side B features all the SK8 stuff.

This DVD has full-on sports commentary as the announcer, like all sports announcers, feels compelled to speak constantly during every second of air-time. This will give you the low down on all the riders, tricks and assorted tidbits. Gravity Games, like the X-games isn't a small indoor contest event. Most of the action takes place in large outdoor arena-style areas built especially for each type of event. This DVD will give you a front row seat to most of the action. If you've never attended such an event, this is a cool way to get a preview of the action.

The Bottom Line

The re-play value of such a DVD is kind of low. How many times can you watch the same contest runs, right? but if you've never experienced an outdoor arena SK8 Fest... check out this DVD.

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