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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory- Season 1

Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: Mtv
Released: 2009
Rating: 5 Stars

Rob Dyrdek, Drama, Big Cat, Chanel

Moving out of the "Rob & Big" house in the Hollywood Hills, left behind a very successful show. It left me wondering if Fantasy Factory would be a knock-off or try to leverage that success for itself.

I underestimated Rob Dyrdek and his innovative ability. Fantasy Factory is a brand new version of Dyrdek fun. The dynamic between Dyrdek and Christopher "Big Black" Boykin was great and made for a really cool show. Rob has widened the cast for Fantasy Factory and creates unique relationships (in a good way) with this larger cast. He is now the Commander in Chief of a 25,000 square foot warehouse containing his offices, indoor skate plaza, ramps and enough space to drive a few cars around.

T-Rex three wheel race car

Gone are the days of listless skating and merriment. Dyrdek Enterprises isn't screwing around. Rob is busy making feature films, skate toys for Walmart and starting up a restaurant... among other things. But he leaves enough time to play with some of his new toys like a '69 Camaro and his 3-wheeled T-Rex race car.

Having too much money seems to be a key ingredient for some of his antics that make Fantasy Factory a lot of fun to watch. Seeing a 1985 Pontiac Fiero for sale, led him to pick it up as a "First Prize" in the skate contest he was hosting. He also got an American Gladiator style tennis ball cannon. His insanity probably rates as genius when it comes down to making an engaging TV show - real or otherwise.

Chanel: one of the more interesting cast members

Chanel is a 20 year old rapper from Los Angeles, CA. The aspiring rapper and singer is currently the "Rapping Receptionist" at Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. She rose to fame with her appearance in Fantasy Factory and is also working on an upcoming album.

Fantasy Factory receptionist Chanel Fantasy Factory receptionist Chanel Fantasy Factory receptionist Chanel Fantasy Factory receptionist Chanel Fantasy Factory receptionist Chanel Fantasy Factory receptionist Chanel

High Points

Ryan Scheckler with Chanel in his Ferrari F430

Some of his antics are lough-out-loud funny while others are coyly tucked in. Timmy the test dummy was funny, but got even better when he accused his cousin of having a relationship with the plastic guy. When Ryan Scheckler sent him a picture of his new Ferrari, he simply stated, "That's what happens when you're 20 and have a million dollars". He then pointed out his much more sensible ride - a '69 Camaro. He reminded us that a Camaro has soul... and it's been to proms. Classic!

This DVD is funny as Hell and keeps a good blend between skateboarding, insanity and running a business. I got a kick out of it and if I understood Mtv's scheduling, I'd watch season 2, but I'll probably wind up with it on DVD as well.

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