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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Adidas' A Five Day Excursion To Paris

Adidas' A Five Day Excursion To Paris - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2008
Rating: 3 Stars

Tim O'Connor, Benny Fairfax, Dave Bachinsky, Nestor Judkins, Lem Villemin, Mark Gonzales, Vince Del Valle.

This review is based on the promotional DVD packed in with the May 2008 issue of Skateboarder Magazine.

Adidas logo

When it comes to shoe company videos they tend to be amazing. It's kind of an unwritten law of sorts. Look at the offerings of DC, Osiris, Globe and others. But those are skate shoe companies. So, where does Adidas fall in? Especially after Nike making a splash in the skate industry under somewhat unfavorable circumstances.

Without going into the gory details - I've done that in other articles - Shoe giants like Nike and Adidas have jumped on the skateboarding bandwagon to make a buck. They've never made a skate shoe until it seemed like a profitable venture. Sure, all businesses want to make a profit, but what about all the smaller independent skate shops who built the skate industry into what it is today? Should big business jump in and undercut their margins and profits just because they have the financial structure to do so?

So, anyway...
The Adidas camp, who snatched up skate celeb extrordinaire Mark Gonzales, took a batch of their riders to Paris. Not the first city of choice if I were making a skate vid. My first thought was I wouldn't make a skate vid in New York City either. I guess I'm just a suburban pussy who doesn't relish getting killed by a bus or angry cab-driver. But as soon as I say that... out pops the Gonz in NYC ripping out his part. He's a looney madman who makes skateboarding look deliriously fun!

I'm not at all down with Nike. If their pros can make some cool cash riding fro them - that's cool. But I'm not about to go out and buy a pair of Nikes. Adidas on the other hand don't seem quite as evil - at least at first glance. Hell, RUN DMC was rocking those shoes back in the day. Gotta like that!

The skating in A Five Day Excursion To Paris is pretty good even though there's only about 10 minutes of it before the credits roll to a close. You'll see a few requisitely branded, 3-stripe shoes and Nestor dons an Adidas shirt with the traditional logo.

I can see myself wearing a pair of Adidas, but I'm more likely to do so from the RUN DMC connection than as a skate shoe. Nike needs to get Michael Jordan on a skateboard, then whackos will think Nike is a valid skate brand. As for Adidas, I dig em from my childhood. They need to get a full length vid out to prove themselves. Or something like that.

Upon reading the fine print on the pack-in case for this DVD, the Adidas folks make if very clear that their trefoil logo and 3-Stripes pattern are trademarked and not to be screwed with. Um, OK.

Hell, I just wanna go skate - maybe barefoot.

Bonus Stuff

Somewhat different footy from the main movie, but not enough to muster much stoke.

The Bottom Line

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