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Skateboarding Book Review:Robert Earl's X-treme Cuisine

Robert Earl's X-treme Cuisine Three Star Review

Author: Robert Earl
Publisher: HarperEntertainment
Released: October 1, 2002
Rating: 3 Stars

Sea-Monkey Tennis Clinic

If you were to buy a book titled, "Sea-Monkey Tennis Clinic" you might expect a few game improving tennis tips intertwined with informative info about brine shrimp (aka: Sea Monkeys). However, as you wait on line to purchase this tome from a pimply-faced book-nerd, I'm sure you're not really expecting to learn much about tennis or shrimp. Perhaps the title tickled your sense of humor or perhaps you're looking for a laugh.

With lowered expectations, lets dive into something that Thrasher Magazine did back in the 80's; Chef-Boy-Am-I-Hungry's Skarfing Material. Readers sent in their bizarre foody concoctions for others to try. Aimed at people who don't want to know much about cooking, Robert Earl has corralled fifty extreme sport athletes and asked them to detail their favorite culinary dish - edible or otherwise.

But it's not all lame recipes from extreme athletes - that'd be too limited. There are also a bunch of etiquette tips and general how-to's for the presentationally challenged. Astoundingly, these tips are pretty good - not the sort of things you'd expect to find in such a book. It makes for a nice balance between idiotic and proper.

Tony Hawk expertly fries up some eggs. Matt Hoffman daintily holding a napkin to his lips. Tina Basich preheating her oven. Shaun Palmer makes French toast with Ketchup. All your favorite extreme sports superstars learn the proper way to hold a fork, braise a turkey, and briefly join the civilized world. Try out Dave Mirra's mix light, Andrew Crawford's turkey ball, Jimbo Morgan's Mediterranean Risotto and Willy Santos's dipdip dipfry.

Martha Stewart - SK8 slut

Learn how to cook with an iron or on the manifold of a car; how to use a helmet as a chip bowl; how to turn a surfboard into a dining table, and how to burp properly. Earl also offers instructions on chopstick etiquette, proper table settings (including information on such arcane instruments as a bone marrow spoon), and the do's and don'ts of fondue. Robert Earl photo This makes Robert Earl seem like the "Martha Stewart of extreme sports" - minus the jail-time insider-trading snafu.

Although not laugh-out-loud funny, Robert Earl's X-treme Cuisine will make you smile, teach you a few things about extreme sports and possibly assist you in producing a palatable meal or two. Check it out.

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