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Skateboarding Book Review:Victor Giannini's Skeightfast Dyephun Vol. 1

Skeightfast Dyephun Five Star Review

Author: Victor Giannini
Publisher: Comixpress
Released: 2006
Rating: 5 Stars

Not long ago I was sifting through Google Images looking for some sk8-related pix and I came across one that mesmerized me. Clicking like a mad fool, I came upon a website for the comic book, Skeightfast Dyephun. The image that captivated me was the cover of the graphic novel containing the first 6 issues. Minutes later I placed an order for it - You should too!

Boardlord from Skeightfast Dyephun

Art is a very subjective area, almost more so in the world of skateboard art. Skateboarding is so counter-cultural that many outside just don't get it or can't relate. This happens even in comic book circles where titles vie for limited space on retailer's shelves. Just the way skateboarding has done from time to time, you gotta take what's good and go underground - off the radar - and find an audience who will be stoked on your creation.

Victor Giannini's Skeightfast Dyephun was made for the underground... Not because it doesn't hold commercial value or appeal, but because the underground is filled with people who will completely "get it" and crave the adventures of Boardlord and Spitface. Through these two misfits, Giannini tells the tale of slacker skaters who battle fierce ninjas out of loyalty to their local sk8 shop. This 180 page comic masterpiece is a compilation of six issues of the comic.

Spitface from Skeightfast Dyephun

Quickly we see our 2 misfits (Boardlord and Spitface) actually live the plight of all skaters. From dealing with cops, injuries, dickheads and school, they represent most skaters as they deal with the world around them while trying to skate all-day every-day. Ok, most skaters don't have to defend sacred artifacts from broken-english-speaking ninja warlords, but you'll see a little bit of yourself in these two heros.

See... just a few minutes ago I called them misfits. They're a mix of all skaters - except they have more phun than most of us and get away with all the things we wanted to.

The artwork is raw in a cool gritty style. The storyline works out really well as there are a few different story arcs to which the focus shifts. Giannini also injects a variety of humor from outright profanity to subtle prods at the sk8 industry and scene.

All in all, this is a really cool comic, but you won't likely find it at your local comic shop. It's published by an independent press that specializes in cool stuff that doesn't fit the mainstream mold. In other words, Skeightfast Dyephun is just what you're looking for. Lets hope there's a volume 2!

Artist/Author Victor Giannini

So, who is Victor Giannini? Beats the hell out of me, but he has a website chock full of info...

Victor is a writer and an artist. Victor strives to explore the great joys of life by swimming in shit, and to invoke 80's era art with 60's era colors to bring you that joy. His freakish short stories and art have been featured in: Ignition (IPPY Honored 2006), Italics Mine, 400words, 5-0 Skatezine, Thrash Compactor, Focus Skatemag, Beach Plums, Poor Choice, The East Hampton Star, Other Mag, The Literary Bone, and self publishes a comic book called "Skeightfast Dyephun". He also designed a boardgame for Planet Toys, based on a major CBS property. That was really weird, but he pulled it off. Victor is also a cannibal, in addition to being a featured author at Silverthougtht.

Spitface from Skeightfast Dyephun
Sample page from "Skeightfast Dyephun"

Stop by Victor's Skeightfast Dyephun web site - and order a copy - you'll thank us later!

Delve deeper into the inner sanctum of Boardlord and Spitface in our interview with Skeightfast Dyephun creator, Victor Giannini.

Cooking Up Some Skeightfast Dyephun

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