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Adult Pornography DVD ReviewGrand Theft Anal 9

Grand Theft Anal 9 Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Wendi Knight
Studio: Zero Tolerance Entertainment
Released: 2006
Rating: 4 Stars

Aurora Snow, Jenna Haze, Tory Lane, Holly Wellin, Jamie Elle, Sasha Knox, Mark Wood, Tom Byron, Sascha, Chris Charming, Tommy Gunn.

Fasten your sex belt, grab your shifter, and hold on tight: the supercharged sluts of Grand Theft Anal 9 are taking you on an anal joyride! These colon cuties fuck so fast and furious, they don't have time for a pit-stop in the pussy! They want their tailpipes bored out, their tanks filled with semen, and their rear ends driven hard. Get their rectums red-lining and their fluids flowing with the wildest ALL ANAL series ever to hit the streets!

With a box-cover description like that, how can you miss - right? I guess that's what folks thought when the Grand Theft Auto video game series came out. Just as parents were appalled by the violence in the video game, I'm sure their kids have now latched onto Red Light District's film series and are just as eagerly craving the rectal violence of the film.

If Mom thought virtual car-jacking was a bad idea, then I'm sure Jenna Haze and Aurora Snow's back-to-back anal scenes will set her off just as much. Although next time Mom bitches about video game violence, just point her towards anal porn violence. The key to dealing with neurotics, is to focus them on something else - something that will make them go off on a new quest and leave you alone.

Wanna play violent video games, just make sure Mom knows you're disconcerted about violent anal porn. When she busts you for watching Grand Theft Anal... you can make allusions to beautiful love-making and how much better it makes you feel than violent video games.

Once you've removed Mom from your elicit pleasures, I'm sure you'll enjoy the DVD technology that affords us the opportunity to watch all the film's cum shots on the "Cumshot Loop".

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