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Adult Pornography DVD ReviewCaught From Behind 33

Caught From Behind 33 Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: Hollywood Adult Video
Released: August 2000
Rating: 3 Stars

Anji Cooper, Pebbles, C.J. Bennett, Aurora, Cativa

No one likes getting caught... especially from behind. Well, there are some (God bless you, passionate ladies), but have you ever been caught behind on your bills? THAT is getting caught from behind! Fucking ouch!

Dell phones are simple. The company just shuts you off after a few months of non-payment. Try that with a credit card with a 10K limit. No such luck. Sure, they cut you off, but they also want the $10,000. Shit! It would seem logical that the proper way to afford something like a backyard halfpipe or a ton-and-a-half of new sk8 product... charge it!

Be careful. The credit card companies don't fuck around when you don't pay. In fact they get downright nasty on you. First they'll call to inquire of your bad payment habits, then it quickly escalates to maniacal collection agents (adults that have yet to resolve their Daddy's lurid abuse and want to take it out on you) who are mean as all Hell. And if you think you can simply leave the phone off the hook, remember that the credit card company has you address and they are happy to send these abusive humps to your front door.

If you can't afford it (cash-wise or anally), don't buy it on credit. The credit card companies love you in the beginning, but most love fades - some quickly. So, don't buy anything on credit or you'll be taking it in the ass like Ms. Cooper in Caught From Behind 33.

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