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Adult Pornography DVD ReviewAss Cream Pies 2

Ass Cream Pies 2 snowboarding snowboard skateboarding skateboard DVD video review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Jon Dough
Studio: Anabolic
Released: September 2003
Rating: 4 Stars

Giovanna, Taylor Rain, Jasmine Lynn, Crystal Ray, Melody, Jon Dough, Steve Holmes, John Strong, Alexander Paal.

We've all been there. You're out on a date - the date is over - she won't leave. Clingy. She smiles, bats her eyes and does everything possible to cling, but you know it's over. Part of the problem is her... but part of the problem is YOU.

You need to demonstrate that you're not the great guy she wants you to be. You're a raw, depraved skate-punk. Sure, you paid for dinner and all, but it just didn't click for you. It did for her and now she won't go away. She's love to come back to your place and cuddle while sipping some wine and telling you about her favorite third-grade teacher. You want to hook up with your crew and grab a midnight session at your favorite spot. Shit! What do you do?

It's admirable that you don't want to tell her to fuck off, but the girl has to go. You need to drop a clue - change her mind. You have to make her realize it's time to part company and go away. This one's a cinch. Just start telling her about the latest movie you saw. Not that amazing Hollywood blockbuster. Tell her how much you enjoyed Ass Cream Pies 2.

If she doesn't balk at the title alone, add detail. Mentioning Taylor Rain's nimble ability to take cocks from her ass to her mouth only to let a stranger cum in her ass, should do the trick. But you still have one more reserve, if needed. Continue your enthusiastic story with the culmination of Taylor queefing semen from her pretty butt.

At this point one of two things will happen... This girl will take off running like she's on fire or she'll beg to reenact the scene you just described. Either way, you win. If she takes the latter route, remember that a night of wild sex always trumps a midnight sesh AND you may want to marry this girl.

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