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Adult Pornography DVD Review1 Night in Paris

1 Night in Paris Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: Red Light District
Released: June 2004
Rating: 3 Stars

Paris Hilton and Rick Saloman.

Forget the Champs d'Elise and the Eiffel tower - and certainly don't bother with Euro disney (what a cluster-fuck). This video isn't about France or being in any particular city. This vid puts you inside a celebrity - not inside her personal life, but inside several of her orifices. Everything Rick Saloman got inside, you'll get to see too.

Forget the Hollywood flare of a well lit studio, enjoy the dank surroundings of a camcorder capturing America's favorite hotel heiress doing what she does best. Is all publicity good publicity? I'm not sure, but her career is in full force, soaring the opposite direction of her plausible IQ.

From her show "The Simple Life" to her paid-for club appearances (usually wearing next to nothing) Paris seems to get around. Here's your chance to spend a night in Paris just like so many of Hollywood's elite. Next time you hear someone in a beret say, "Oui, oui," just remember anyone can now spend a night in Paris.

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