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Trick Picker Cootie Catcher

There's really no reason to read or decipher the instructions on this page unless:

  • It's been raining for a week
  • The closest indoor sk8 park is a three-hour drive
  • You've watched all your sk8 vids twice
  • And your girlfriend is pissed at you
cootie catcher

If you skipped that day in third-grade when the arts & crafts teacher was hung over and didn't feel compelled to come up with an interesting lesson-plan, you'll be stoked to see that we picked up her slack and crafted this project... just for you. Here's the one and only (we hope) "Trick Picker" cootie catcher.

With the growing uncertainty in the world today, it's no wonder that cootie catchers are used as decision making tools by politicians, lawyers and world leaders. Like them, you too have difficult decisions ahead of you...

  • When to get up
  • What to eat
  • Which shows to watch
  • Whether to return overdue videos
  • And... what skateboard tricks to pull off

For the time being, we've simplified the ordeal of what trick to master next. From Ollie-ing up a ten-stair to back to back 900s on your friend's backyard half pipe we'll motivate you to thrash.
Skate and destroy, baby!


STPs Trick Picker Cootie Catcher

You can make your own out of any square sheet of paper (of any size) and mark it up with your own obscenities or hip sexual slang. Or you can download our template (PDF format) for the specific purpose of throwing down insane new tricks.

Folding & Assembly Instructions

  1. Carefully cut along the solid lines to make a square.
  2. With the words facing upward, fold the paper neatly in half and then in half again.
  3. Undo the folds and flatten out the paper. Turn the paper over, with the words facing downwards, and fold in each corner so the four points meet in the center.
  4. Flip the paper over. Again, fold in each corner so that the four points meet in the center.
  5. Fold the square in half, making a rectangle, with the open flaps facing down. The writing should be right-side up.
  6. Slide both index fingers and thumbs under each of the four outer flaps.
  7. Pinching your fingers together, push the top corners of the flaps toward the center. Poke down in the centre to help form the shape.
  8. Now, go poke your friend's sister... and give her some cooties.

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