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Darn Good Chili

Darn Good Chili

If someone tells you they know how to make darn good chili, tell ‘em to piss-off. There is only one Darn Good Chili and it's made by Bear Creek Foods. I usually have to dig around in my local grocery store to figure out where they've put it, but Darn Good Chili is worth the hunt. Stock-boys seem to have difficulty figuring out whether to put this stuff with all the other chili mixes or to dump it in with other Bear Creek products and sometimes it's in with soups. WTF?

This stuff is truly amazing (aka: darn good). It's not a powder like most of the crappy chili mixes out there. It has freeze-dried stuff with some serious heft to it. You mix it with a 12 oz can of tomato paste and 7 cups of water. Twenty-five minutes later (and a lot of stirring) you've got insanely great chili.

I sometimes add a can of kidney beans to it, but just to bulk it up a bit. OK, I'm a secret fanatic about kidney beans, so I like to pop them into the works. Darn Good Chili is damn thick robust stuff.

The only con to this truly amazing chili is the gas-factor. I'm sure this is an individual thing, but this stuff creates gaseous waste that'll kill a horse. Now you really want to go snag a bag of it, don't ya?

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