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Post-Skateboarding Scarfing Material Recipe

Bloody Cocktails

This is more of a Halloween sort of thing, but you never know when it might be fun to add a touch of blood to a beverage. The result is trails of "blood" dripping from the rim of your glass.


  • 1/8 cup corn syrup
  • 6 drops of red food coloring

Other Stuff You'll Need

  • 1 small plate or saucer
  • 1 or more glasses


  1. Pour the 1/8 cup (add more as needed) corn syrup onto the center of the small plate, creating a shallow pool.
  2. Add 6 drops (or more as needed) of red food coloring
  3. Stir until the liquid is all red.
  4. Add more food coloring until desired color is achieved.
  5. Place an upside-down glass on the plate of "blood", for 2 or 3 seconds, so that the rim barely touches the liquid.
  6. Place the glass right side up and let the "blood" drip down the sides of the glass.
  7. Insert beverage... enjoy.

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