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New York Comic Convention ‘08 - Skateboarding & Comics Mix Together A Little Bit More

NY Comic Con Logo NY Comic Con entrance at Javits Center

I don't care if the Flash can run faster than Superman flies or if Batman has better accessories than Iron Man and I wouldn't be caught dead having a heated debate over any of this. Still I love comic books and the camaraderie surrounding their Cons. digital skater girl There's something very cool about holding a book in your hands as an amazing story unfolds in words and artwork. Personally, I'm a fan of aggressively militant femme fatales found in many comic books from Tank Girl and Razor to Abbey Chase and Andrea D.

I was pleasantly surprised to find at least three artists who had taken their comic cover art and applied it to skateboard decks. Some re-worked the art to fit the skateboard's odd artistic aspect ratio and others opted for the mural effect across three decks. These were all one-of-a-kind works and tended to sell for about $100 - a very fair price for any skater/comic-nerd.

NY Comic Con floor at Javits Center NY Comic Con Mowhawk Girl

I've long thought that skateboard decks make for very unique and amazing artistic canvases. Skateboard graphics have come a long way and gone places no one would expect. From Jim Phillips etching out the early look and feel of Santa Cruz Skateboards to recent comic book artists who want to display their works as sk8 graphics, a multitude of possibilities exist.

Some of the more interesting artistic decks were the "murals" stenciled across 3 or more decks. I had the pleasure of hanging out at the con with Victor Giannini, creator of the skate comic Skeightfast Dyephun, who was also surprised to find skart at the con along with several fans of his art. I'd never been to such a large comic con before so I was soaking up the scene (including this cool chick sporting a mohawk) of vendors and attendees dressed in costume. Some folks were damn creative in their get-ups and others where just insanely hot!

I was surprised at the number of female attendees with an avid devotion to comics. Many were in costume and I heard several of them engaged in the former male-only tradition of bickering over super-hero benefits. Victor had an interesting comment that really hit home for me. "Where were all these girls, who dig comics, when I was in 10th grade?"
A bit late, but I'm glad they're here now.

Even if you're not a comic book fanatic, Comic Cons are a lot of fun and quite diverse. Who knew we'd find skate decks there? In fact you never know what you might find. From aging Playboy Bunnies signing autographs to the Duncan Yo Yo booth, its all there!

NY Comic Con Mowhawk Girl

If she isn't enough incentive to visit the NY Comic Con, get yourself checked!

Most Innovative Creation - "Drawn By Pain"

By far the most innovative idea came from the guys at Drawn By Pain. Using a technique that allows drawing over video, they have created a new form of multi-media entertainment that blurs the line between live action and animation. Check it out - it's wild!

Comic Books That Kicked Ass

Andrea D by Praxis Comics
Andrea D #1
By: Praxis Comics
Dead Dick
Dead Dick - Zombie Detective #1
By: Ross Milhako
Zombies In Love by VLE Comics
Zombies In Love #1
By: VLE Comics

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