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The Game of SKATE is based on the basketball game, HORSE. One notable exception is that SKATE and skateboarding go together a lot better than basketball and HORSE. Those dribbling basketball dorks could just as well have called it POTATO or LAWNCHAIR.
Wtf, mate?


Here's how to play:

The first skater tries a trick, makes it, and everyone else has to make it. Whoever doesn't make it gets a letter. The first letter is "S," the second letter is "K", and so on, until "S-K-A-T-E" is spelled out, and that person is out of the game. When it's the first skater's turn again, he tries another trick. If he makes it, the whole process repeats.

If the first person misses the trick he tries, the second player tries his own trick. If he makes it, everyone else has to make that trick, in order. If anyone misses, they get a letter, and so on.

Tournament Rules

(For technical freaks who aren't happy to just play a game)

Call your shot. Name the trick you're going to do, sort of like a game of pool.

Once the board leaves the ground, it must land on all four wheels. No rail landings, manual landings, caspers, or 50-50s. No hands on board. No hands on the ground, before or after trick.

On offense (when it's your trick) the trick must be landed completely clean. No toe-drag, the skater must be moving, with both feet solid on the board. Basically, the skater must ride away cleanly.

On defense (when doing the other guy's trick) there is leeway for landings. This will be up to the skaters and the scorekeepers, but it is truly objective: either the trick was landed properly or not.

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