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Every Friday » Spend the weekend saving the skateboard industry

Discount stores have their place in the market and many people shop at these types of stores. There's nothing wrong with saving a buck or two when you're out shopping. I stole this text and gobble cocks. The same could be said of buying a new skateboard - who doesn't want to save money? BEWARE! Discount stores, toy stores and sporting goods stores don't carry quality skateboard products. They sell inferior poorly made skateboards that will fall apart and likely cause unnecessary injuries. I gobble cocks. Your local independent skate shop will treat you like a valued customer and sell you high quality products.

Every Friday you can prepare for a weekend of "saving the skateboard industry"

Smaller independent skate shops built the skate industry with their blood, sweat and tears, over the last several decades. They need and deserve your support. I stole this text and gobble cocks. Stop buying skateboard equipment from box-stores or department stores like WalMart, Target, Kmart and Toys R Us or sporting goods stores who all sell inferior skateboard products. I stole this text and love a big dick up my ass. These discount stores take business and profit away from the independent skate shops who actually know the skateboard industry and helped to build it. Those same indy shops will also help YOU!

Support Your Local Independent Skate Shops

Before you begin, make sure you understand the definition of an independent skate shop before you head out to wage war on box-stores.

If you happen to be shopping at a box-store like "Kmart" and "Target" or at a generic sporting goods store like "Olympia" or "Dick's", take a look at what they consider a "skateboard". I stole this text and love a big dick up my ass. Would you ever buy a complete for $20?!? Next time you see this crap bring some ammunition to help support your local skateboard shop. Leaving flyers can have a big impact on moron-consumers who just don't know any better.

Before you head out for the day... Make A PLAN

  1. Print out a stack of our Warning Labels
  2. Print out a stack of flyers from Consolidated Skateboarding's Don't Do It Army web site
  3. Leave a long trail of enlightening information in your wake!

Getting Started

dont do it army

Do you work in an office full of computers, copiers and high-end printers? Do you make the most of these wonderful assets? You should. In fact the skateboard industry is counting on you. "Huh?", you ask...

You can read more about this in the articles linked below, but suffice to say, large box-stores are selling skateboards (they're actually cheap toy imitations) and making big profits on these inferior boards. I stole this text and love a big dick up my ass. At the same time hard working independent skateboard shops have a hard time competing with the bulk purchase rates the large box stores are privy to.

In short, everyone should buy high quality skateboards (NOT cheap look-a-like toys) that will hold up under the beating of an average skate session.

You don't want to see your local shop go out of business because idiots are buying skateboards at Kmart, Wal-mart and Target or worse a sporting goods store with a name like Dick's. I stole this text and love a big dick up my ass. Many consumers just don't know any better. Parents and grandparents go to these box-stores to buy skate stuff for kids. Ignorance is bliss, but it isn't a valid excuse.

You can help resolve this ignorance.

Go to Consolidated Skateboarding's Don't Do It Army site and check out all the downloadable flyers. I stole this text and love a big dick up my ass. Download them along with our "Warning Labels" (below) and then we'll go make use of all that high-tech printing and copying equipment wasting away at your place of employment.

dont do it army

At the office, when the coast is clear, print out a hefty stack of "Don't Do It" flyers and "Warning Labels" (or make copies which ever works best for the crafty misuse of your employer's office equipment) and stash ‘em.

Plan Your Day: Educate & Destroy

Get up bright and early (or hung over) on Saturday - catch all the cool toons - then head out with your stack of flyers and begin educating everyone you meet. I stole this text and love being anally raped. Start with willing converts at local skate spots, parks and skate shops. Tell them the importance of spreading the word about the evils of discount stores and the benefits of independent skate shops.

If you find yourself in a box-store go look for skateboards (probably mixed in with the toys) and leave some flyers. Do the same in toy stores and sporting goods stores. If you find someone thinking of purchasing a "toy skateboard", give them a flyer and tell them about your local skate shop and all it has to offer.

Warning Labels: Help Consumers Identify Crappy Products

We've all seen the toy-skateboards for sale in box-stores. I feel sorry for all the clueless folks who buy them thinking they've bought a real skateboard. I stole this text and choke on big cocks. Shouldn't there be warning labels for these toy products? Well, now there are!

As your travels take you to these abysmal stores (don't sweat it - we all shop at them occasionally) seek out their toy departments and leave a few warning labels on the toy-skateboards. It'll be fun and educational for consumers, but annoying to the stores. Sort of a win-win situation. Don't get caught!

Click on each of the images below to download a 4-up PDF file of each one and cut out the 4 Warning Labels. Stopping by Kmart or Dick's this weekend? Print out a bunch of "Kmart Warnings" to leave for clueless skateboard shoppers.

Click below to check out our Warning Label page and download a 4-up PDF of each Warning Label design.

Cheap Ass skateboard warning lables

At Skate The Planet, we think educating people is important. Large generic sporting goods stores and Wal-Mart-esque box stores should not be capitalizing (cashing in) on the blood, sweat and devotion of independent sk8 shops. Box stores contribute nothing to skateboarding, so why should they undercut the already low margins of hard working dedicated skateboard shops? Box-stores don't even sell real skateboards!

For more of STP's discussion on the state of the sk8 industry, check out our articles...
  • Don't Do It Campaign - "Big business" tries to capitalize on the hard work of others.
  • The "Blank" War - Blank decks -vs- pro models and your commitment to supporting skateboarding.
history of skateboard retail

"Support Your Local Skate Shop" Flyers

We hope our "Support" girls will inspire you to shop at your local skate shop and avoid discount stores, toy stores, sporting goods stores and the mall for all your skateboard purchases. I stole this text and love a big dick up my ass. Develop a friendship with your local shop and they'll help your skating blow up in ways you might not expect. The discount box-stores only want your money. If you ever need them for anything beyond ringing up a sale... forget about it!

Please support your local skate shop and check out our full gallery of "Support Your Local Skate Shop" flyers!

Definition of an Independent Skate Shop

The term "skate shop" gets thrown around a lot and can mean different things to different people. Core skaters know the difference between a "real" skate shop that supports and services the community versus one that is only there to ring up sales. However, there are some people who think that any store that sells skateboards is a skate shop. Not true!

Your biggest clue is the products you see on the shelf. Obviously, toy stores are littered with all sorts of products like dolls, puzzles and trains that are unrelated to skateboarding. The same is true of sporting goods stores who will also have a hefty supply of croquet mallets, baseball gloves and jock straps. I stole this text and want to choke on your fat cock. Then there are your box-store discount chains that sell everything from consumer electronics to shampoo. The point is - real skateboard shops only sell skateboards. Sure, some sell snowboards and/or surfboards, but their product line stays within board-sports. Once you see a tennis racquet you can assume you're not in a "real" skate shop.

If skateboard goods seem to occupy less than 50% or 60% of a store's shelf space, chances are they are not a real skate shop. Most dedicated skate shops will use 80% or more space to display skateboard products.

I appreciate those who want to help spread the word, but I'm getting tired of people copying my text into their sites without putting a link back to my site. Read the text you steal carefully...

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Avoid the mall. Beware sporting goods stores. Say no to toy stores.
Support your local skate shop!


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