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Juliette Lewis and her DVS Signature Shoe

I won't pretend to have a degree in Economics, but I know that having a cool board graphic won't pay out as well as a signature model shoe. A pro rider with their name on a shoe is almost guaranteed a decent paycheck at the end of the month. Shoes carry much higher margins than hard-goods like decks. Skaters are being asked to attach their names to all sorts of products from drinks and snack foods to deodorants and watches. It seems insane, but if it pays out for the rider - do it.

Juliette Lewis DVS Shoe

Of course, I'm not likely to purchase deodorant because a pro skater endorses it - same goes for wrist watches and other commercial oddities that have skater endorsements. But what happens when a shoe manufacturer gives a shoe model to a non-skater? Juliette Lewis, former wife of pro skater Steve Berra, had a DVS shoe out the summer of 2005. Can the punk-rocking ex-wife of a pro skater bring in the bucks with her own shoe model?

You know her as the actress in such flicks as "Natural Born Killers", but Juliette has re-launched herself as a punk rocker with a successful stint on the Warped Tour with her band, Juliette & The Licks. Chicks dig her and guys want her, but does that translate into shoe sales? DVS thinks so and is willing to take a risk and test the market with the JL shoe.

Juliette Lewis 2 DVS Shoe

When asked "Why a shoe?", Juliette responded, "Because DVS is an awesome brand that's not played out and has some of the best skaters like my ex-husband Steve Berra of course. And, it's built by independent minded, hard working, nonconformists like myself".

It would seem that the risk paid off for DVS (and hopefullu for Juliette too) as there is a Juliette 2 model out in canvas and suede. Check out some of what we love about Juliette Lewis.

Juliette Lewis of Juliette and the Licks

Juliette Lewis of Juliette and the Licks

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