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Want a new phone number? Forget those ridiculous phone companies and their BS. Skate the Planet will let you create your own number - even though it may not work. I'm sure you've all see the variations of this idea on the web, but I've never seen one geared towards skateboarding.

Answer each question and place the number from each chosen answer into the box. At the end of the questions click the "Get Your New Number!" button and you'll have your personalized sk8 number. Don't forget to call it at least once...

Step 1:
Create Your Area Code...

Do you skate?
  enter the # from above:
Tell us your gender...
  enter the # from above:
Where do you live?
  enter the # from above:

Step 2:
Create Your Prefix...

What kind of terrain do you prefer riding?
  enter the # from above:
What's your favorite type of music?
  enter the # from above:
How long have you been riding?
  enter the # from above:

Step 3:
Create Your Final 4 Digits...

When it comes to dining out...
  enter the # from above:
For a free brand-new skateboard, I'd be willing to...
  enter the # from above:
My ideal set-up is...
  enter the # from above:
Stranded on a deserted island, all I'd need is...
  enter the # from above:

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