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Brooklyn Bridge Construction May Halt Famous Skate Spot - The New York Times

May 14, 2010

Tech Deck's replica of the Brooklyn Banks skate spot

The Brooklyn Banks are renown as a skate spot. People who don't skate know about this spot - but most of those folks don't know that it isn't a skate park. The Brooklyn Banks simply exist as a facet of the bridge above. From all the hype and attention, you'd think it was built by Tony Hawk himself, but it's a naturally occurring (via the building of the bridge) skate spot.

If you doubt it's notoriety, Tech Deck made a plastic replica suitable for your desk at work or finger-boarding (as long as you've had enough beers to justify playing with plastic skateboards). However, sober up a second to think about four years without access to this renown spot. Construction estimates say repairs/renovation to the bridge above could turn the Brooklyn Banks into an off-limits construction zone for 4 years!

Article from:
The New York Times | May 13, 2010

To Fix Bridge, Skateboard Mecca May Be Lost - By John Branch

To most people, the area under the Manhattan end of the Brooklyn Bridge, in the shadows of the off ramps and against the hulking stone structure of the famous East River crossing, is not a place to stop. It is a place to leave.

It is a long, sloping plaza covered in smooth red brick, with a few trees stretching for rare beams of sunlight. Those who amble into this area generally are children passing to and from a nearby school, or misplaced tourists looking for the bridge's pedestrian walkway to Brooklyn.

But for generations of skateboarders, and an increasing number of BMX bikers, the place carries an iconic name and a sacred meaning. It is the Brooklyn Banks. It is the place to go, to be, and to be seen.

"It's the best skate park in the world, because it wasn't supposed to be a skate park," the professional skateboarder Mike Vallely said near the end of a popular YouTube video posted earlier this year to pay homage to the threatened Brooklyn Banks.

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