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A Skateboard Promotion With Sex Appeal: Tony Hawk & Ariel Rebel

What if Tony Hawk or Rob Dyrdek put their sk8 industry power behind Ariel Rebel's board graphics?

Dec 9, 2010

cable tv

Every time my cable TV goes out I call Comcast and am greeted by, "Hi, this is Shaquille O'Neal."

When I hear that familiar voice, I become a little less pissed that my TV is out. And it's much more inventive than the standard voice-jail greeting one encounters with numeric options and poorly digitized voice. This is an odd pairing - basketball star & cable TV conglomerate - but it works. People like Shaq. People like TV.

What if you tried this approach with skateboard promotion? Take two seemingly opposite people and put them together to promote a new skate deck? Let's put a legendary skate icon together with a sexy girl. You like skateboarding and I'm willing to bet you also like sexy girls.

Would a sexy girl boost sales of a skate deck? Quite possibly.

But... what if the "Sexy Girl" is an entrepreneur pitching her own skateboard graphic she designed?
That puts a cool spin on things...

Meet Entrepreneur Ariel Rebel

Ariel Rebels signature skateboardv

She's smart, sexy, sweet and seems to fit the "girl next door" moniker even though her ardent fans rarely see her clothed. She's one of the internet's many naked chicks, but remember - the first label we gave her was "smart"! Don't underestimate her because she's naked.

Ariel Rebel has turned herself into a brand, recruited other girls to join her affiliation and she's damn good at promoting herself both online and in the real world at large.

Ariel Rebel with her signature skateboard design

As you can see Ariel Rebel has her own board design that's she's produced with a skate shop. It's not her first design either. She's done several board graphics marketed through various web sites, but this is the first (I believe) to bare her own image.

Here at STP, we think she should pull out all the stops and partner with a pro skater or someone in the skate industry to get more momentum behind it. Tony Hawk comes to mind as does Rob Dyrdek. Both are iconic pioneers full of marketing power and worldwide recognition. That would be a great melding of talents to promote a slick board graphic.

A few companies have put various pornstar's pics on skateboards, but the girls have always been eyecandy for the sake of the board. Ariel Rebel created the design and is behind the project as part of her Rebel marketing plan. We think it'd be cool as Hell to get the skateboard industry involved in promotion. Who wouldn't want to get behind a project like this?

Picture-Perfect Marketing: Ariel with Tony

We took it upon ourselves to see what such a melding of minds might looke like and mocked up a pic of Tony and Ariel along with her skateboard. A pic like this would be cool as hell especially if it were done by someone who knows a hell of a lot more about these things than I do.

Sample mock-up: Tony Hawk plus Ariel Rebel equals powerful skateboard promotion
This is NOT a real image. We mocked up this photo for effect.

If you think Tony Hawk or Rob Dyrdek should get behind Ariel Rebel's skateboard graphic, let them know. You can find both Tony Hawk and Rob Dyrdek on Twitter and their respecitve web sites. Give 'em a shout for Ariel!

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